Hello, welcome to WindyPath. I’m the owner of this website. My English name is Johnathan.

My Chinese nickname is “凌虚”, the name comes from a Chinese animation film, The Legend of Qin. “凌虚” is the name of a sword, which is belong to Zhang Liang(张良), a famous strategist in the Warring Period.

The name of this website is WindyPath, its Chinese name is “风萧古道”.

The first two characters “风萧” come from poetry “风萧萧兮易水寒”, The last two characters are derived from poetry “古道西风瘦马”.

About Me

I’m a Game Server Engineer. I used to develop website, including frontend and backend, but now I don’t develop web anymore.

I graduated from university in 2019, and I came to ShangHai in December 2020.

Read more about my computer story HERE.


For a long time, I didn’t know what to study software development for. For earning money, I have earned some money in these years. So, What do I want to move forward for in my long career of software development?

For Chinese Software

Just for Chinese Software.


Articles on this website are not updated frequently.

But I usually browse articles in other blogs. I discovered that some blogs have many articles, but most of it is whining or note. These articles have no effect on improving the level of software development technology.

So, In my Blog, there is only one kind of article:

Technology Article

Even if sometimes I really want to complain something I don’t like, I will combine it with some software knowledge to ensure all of visitors can learn something in my Blog.

Other daily life teasing and grumbling will publish in Twitter.


Email: windypathblog@gmail.com Telegram: @windypath